reward fundraising

Hi out there. Thank you for your help in advance. I am doing a reward fundraising to fund my little start up. Earn this bundle digital cook book direct from the Caribbean, which tells about UNESCO SeaFlower 2000, Caribbean sayings and jokes, Creole language, African Diaspora, Jamaican work songs, Annancyism, Captain Morgan Black Darling, and a lot more. It is all yours. By buying the bundle cook book, you are also supporting entreprenourship, diversity and good integration in Denmark.

Note: When you click to buy you will be sent to another of Daisy’s webpage, where you are free to engage or not/ Bemærk: Når du klikker for at købe du bliver sendt til en anden af Daisys hjemmeside, hvor du behøver ikke engeregere dig hvis ikke du ønsker det.