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Daisy is manager of the projects The Taste of Colombia and Viking Souvenirs. She is originally from Colombia, has lived in Denmark since 2012 and is passionate about cultural life and art.

With a bachelor degree in musicology and culture from Bellas Artes, Universidad del Atlántico, Colombia, a master degree in Musicology with a focus on cultural and art management from the University of Copenhagen and lots of love, she is now out to give her little input to the development of cultural life in Lejre municipality and nearby cities.

She is in love with the Colombian and Danish cultural life, because they have not only taught her a lot about life, but also about herself and about diversity and good social integration.

Her mission is to spread joy, strengthen community based on diversity and create new cultural experiences for people in Lejre municipality and the surrounding area, and for the tourists who visit Lejre and Denmark in general.